Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church

Sharing Life

Looking IN to equip the saints

Our Discipleship Pathway

Jesus is Lord - We are his disciples

1. Belong

Become part of the community and get to know what belonging looks like.

2. Believe

Enter into covenant relationship with God and become part of his family.

3. Become

Following Jesus' example by living a life of action and not just words.

Wherever we declare Jesus is Lord, there his kingdom is also.

The Good News is that Jesus is Lord - He is Lord of all. The not so good news - we try to be lord of our own lives, even after giving them to him.


Being a disciple is about learning to follow and allowing Jesus to really be Lord in your life. This is the best life possible, learning to become more and more like Jesus. Our vision is to see lives transformed, and we see this by welcoming all to belong, inviting them to believe, and challenging them to step into living a Jesus-shaped life.

Living an IN Life

Encouraging our fellow disciples to live more like Jesus

Living an IN life requires us to be connected with our fellow disciples.

Gathering together to read scripture, pray, socialize and generally have a good time is what we are made to do as human beings and as followers of Jesus.


But it is not just about what you receive, it is largely about what you give to those with whom you are in community.