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Mission Partners

The people we partner with in the sharing of the Gospel

Jason Scott - FCA Howard County

Dan talks with Jason Scott about Partnering together for the Gospel

Good Samaritan Organization

Mariam Robert Mbinda

Mariam Robert Mbinda is a director of GSO(good Samaritan orphanage),and Future pre primary school,she is experienced Nurse midwife,studied at Kilimatinde nursing College four years course from 1983-1986. She was married to late Rev.Robert Mbinda who passed away 2018.Since GSO started she was working together with her husband. Mariam when she was working as a nurse her career progressed,showed herself to be confident,bright learner with a caring heart,with a committed Spirit to help others. In 1987 to 1994 Mariam was working in a big hospital in Dodoma capital city, through her working ability she was elected to be incharge of nursing cadre. Mariam vision and ambition was fulfilled when she became a director of GSO and Future pre primary school,she always think how huge she can help others and take care to children,Mariam believe that God has a purpose to her and she stand firm to follow God will to help the needy. Let's join together to pray for Mariam and the GSO sustainability,and provisions of wholistic ministry.

Rev. can. Raphael Sillah

Rev.can.Raphael sillah,is a priest of Anglican Church of Tanzania,He was privileged to study diploma in theology at St philips Theological College,diploma in pharmacy,studied at Kikuyu university Kenya,and certificate in general nursing at Kilimatinde nursing College He is working together with Mariam at GSO and Future pre primary school He is a board member of GSO and Secretary of the board He worked as Hospital Administrator for 12 years at Kilimatinde Hospital. Raphael worked as incharge of Hospital pharmacy for six years He is working in hospital as paediatric nurse up to date Raphael has his own pharmacy helping the community and through this pharmacy he provide Free medication to an epileptic patients to two villages