Welcome to St. John Lutheran Church

Sundays at St. John

Join us online or on-site at 10:15am

Join Us Online

To join us online click on the image to go to our Facebook page

Join Us On-site

We gather together on-site for worship at 10:15am each Sunday. As you consider whether joining us on-site is right for you, please know:

  • Everyone must wear a mask. Only worship leaders are permitted to remove their mask.
  • We have adapted the order in which we worship together to reflect different worshipping styles. 
  • We have removed physical interactions such as sharing the peace and passing the offering plate.
  • We will still collectively say the Lord's Prayer and Apostle’s Creed.
  • You are encouraged to hum or sing softly.
  • Communion elements will be given to you as you arrive. You will be instructed when to open and partake in the sacrament.

If you decide to attend on-site, please:

  • Attend only if you are healthy
  • Wear your mask 

Whether you join us online or on-site we hope that you are able to feel connected and participate as we worship the King together.